Female Coaching Zone

In December 2015 DISCOVER FOOTBALL hosted a group of coaches from all over the world in order to share experiences and develop strategies in order to enable more girls to play football.

The manual with the #femaleperspectives of the coaches is coming out soon…

Until then -watch the video:


28.8.-4.9. in Berlin: Make Football a Home for Everyone!

home game


This years’ festival is the 5th international event of its kind being held in Berlin since 2010. Eight women’s teams from around the world – about 100 football players, coaches, referees and activists – will be invited to participate in this event in Berlin. The program will include workshops and training sessions as well as public friendly matches, exhibitions, panel discussions and forums, outdoor activities, concerts and films.

Maintaining the idea of bringing together women from all over the world on the basis of football, in 2016 the event focuses on the current global situation of refugee movements: Discussions and (theoretical as well as playful) approaches will be dealing with the questions of how to address these new challenges through football: How are our teams affected by players’ experiences of flight or migration? How can football help to welcome new players from other countries? How can we create a more inclusive football that fights for female refugees’ rights? Therefore, the 4-day friendly tournament will be played in mixed teams and the 2-day preparation workshops and training sessions being held before and during the tournament will also be mixed. The event will take place in Berlin Kreuzberg at the Willy-Kressmann Stadium. Workshops (2 days) – Coach-the-coach peer-program – Football Tournament (4 days) – Cultural program (concerts, films, etc.) – Panel discussions – Girls Football Camp  – Art Exhibition – International Multimedia Exhibition – Action Day to Berlin´s Refugee Camps – Digital Storytelling

Find all the application material here

+++ DEADLINE APRIL 15th +++

beyond (b)orders: Movie about Discover Football Festival 2015

While preparing for HOME GAME – the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2016, enjoy the movie about last year´s festival dealing with language barriers, actual borders, living in exile, refugees, obstacles to gender equality and gender stereotypes.



Fight for what you want

During the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival 2013 we met amazing teams from the MENA region. Statements like ” I can’t imagine my life without playing football” or  “I don’t care about what they talk, I do whats good for me” emphasized how strong these women are in their believes and that they fight for their passion. Continue reading


11695020_10153469570568270_5347638941771934246_n We successfully completed the DISCVOER FOOTBALL Festival in Berlin and are now looking forward to our next project. Together with the Lebanese Girls Football Academy (GFA) we will host the first international female football festival in the MENA region,  July 27 till August 2, 2015.

OUR GOAL: Raise awareness about women’s football in the region and to increase media exposure of women’s football in Lebanon and the neighboring countries.

OUR VISION: Greater acceptance of women’s football as a symbol for gender equality and social integration in Lebanon and other Arab countries, opportunities and more rights for girls from rural areas.

In order to celebrate the power of female football we organize an international football tournament in Beirut combined with football practice and a workshop program for young girls from different rural areas of Lebanon (North-Zgharta, South-Sour, Central North-Jounieh and Central South- Beirut). In each region, fun football games and educational courses related to football, gender equality and social development will be conducted for girls and women from the respective communities.

And in the afternoon teams from several Arab countries and of course DISCOVER FOOTBALL will compete on the pitch in order to share empowerment, solidarity and freedom.

We will simply celebrate Our Game, Our Goals!

WE PLAY till the end – WIR SPIELEN bis zum Schluß

Tropischen Temperaturen beim diesjährigen DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival hat Frauen aus der ganzen Welt nicht vom Kicken abgehalten. Für viele war es das erste mal, an einem internationalen Turnier teilnehmen zu können, neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und Zeit zum Austausch zu haben. Tropical temperatures at this year’s DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival have not stopped women from around the world from kicking the ball. For many it was the first time to participate in an international tournament, to meet new friends and having time to exchange their stories.

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What Girls Say


Football unites! Girls between the age of 8 and 12 experienced that during the DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival as well.

“We life football” – “Girls Power” – “Same Rights for Girls”

IMG_2195 IMG_2198

Committed clubs from Kreuzberg offer female football fans from neighbourhood access to the game and open spaces for exchange. Already for the third time we brought girls from different schools of Kreuzberg together. With this special football camp Seitenwechsel e.V. with the support of DISCOVER FOOTBALL accomplished some important pioneering work, as girl´s still have difficulties to access traditional sport opportunities. Continue reading

SIGNS – Learning how to communicate in football visually or verbally

For many women playing football is more than just a sport. Playing football means to claim spaces in society that are usually reserved for men. Oftentimes, to stand up for the “right to play football” goes hand in hand with the commitment to women’s rights, equality and against discrimination. In order to strengthen this commitment, during the DISCOVER FOOTBALL Festival in 2015 we have organized a manifold workshop program. Empowerment of women is not just the central subject of these workshops but also their realization guideline: By the great majority the workshops are constituted as “women-only-spaces”. This gives the players the opportunity to get to know each other and to exchange their experiences with other players as well as with Berlinbased initiatives.


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Tibet women football players attending DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival in Berlin


A women delegation representing the Tibet Women’s Football organisation has been invited to play in our DISCOVER FOOTBALL festival. It is for the first time since its formation in 2011 that the Tibetan women football team in exile is travelling abroad. Continue reading

The Tournament

At this year’s festival we want to do more than just broach the issue of overcoming borders tied to social gender, ethnic or religious affiliation or ascription, and physical abilities. Above all we want to overcome concrete language and geographic barriers, and create the basis for an exchange that is physically felt.

Today our women met their new team players and learned about their background.

Tuesday the festival starts officially. The Opening Game Green Grass plays against Red Clay. The game starts June 30, 7:00 pm right after the opening ceremony.

That’s the tournament plan for the preliminary round.